Secure Website Development

Most companies have a website. It’s one of those annoying but necessary things required to operate a business. But what do you actually know about your website?

Does any of this even matter? Well, it does if you don’t want to infect your customers with malware or face a data breach.

Poorly built and out of date websites are an easy target for scammers. They can install malware that exploits vulnerabilities in your visitors computers without you even knowing it’s there. All they have to do is visit the infected page. They don’t even have to click on anything. (This is called a Drive-by-Download.) Malware that can silently install anything from a key logger (for capturing their key strokes) to ransomware. Once on their computer, the malware can potentially spread itself to everyone in their contact list.

If your site is distributing malware to your customers and prospects, you could be responsible for their losses, if the source of the infection is ever traced back to your website.

Sure, your website needs to market your business and spread its message. But don’t let it spread malware too. Contact 8bits today for advice on how to secure your existing website, or a quote for a secure, functional, fast, reliable site to replace it.