Cybersecurity Training & Consultancy

According to The National Cyber Security Alliance 60% of small companies go out of business within six months of suffereing a cyber attack or data breach. They get taken unaware because many small business owners think they aren’t of value to scammers, so reason they won’t be targeted. This is simply not true. If you run a small business and think this way, you are a victim in waiting. From targeting your customers through your website to locking you out of your own systems with ransomware. There are countless ways for a scammer to target your business, and the people that work there.

Conversely, you can throw all the technology you like at the problem, but it only takes one person to be duped by a social engineer, or to use an easily guessed password for all that protection to be circumnavigated. That’s why it’s important to train your staff in what to look out for and how to avoid getting scammed.

If you think you have nothing the cyber criminals are interested in, think again. Your identity, your database, your customers and your bank accounts are all up for grabs. Identity theft enables a thief to take out loans and credit cards in your name. The first you might know of it is when you start getting letters of demand for the non payment of a loan you never took out.

Cyber Intelligence

Being a small business ourselves, we know budgets can be tight, so the approach we take is to provide affordable Cyber Intelligence consultancy and training, tailored for small business. We’ll educate you in what threats to look out for, best practices in dealing with email and social media, securing your network and devices, what tricks and scams to watch out for and what technical and common sense steps you can take without breaking the bank.

Recovery Plan

Importantly, we will also show you what to have in place if the worst happens. Having a recovery plan and implementing it may be the one thing that keeps you in business. As well as a recovery plan we can help with everything from your security policies and processes to maintaining a secure, robust website.

Don’t become a victim, contact us today.